The School's Black and White Project

I love the photos. You have been captured a '"brightness'' in every face. These happy faces are fantastic PR for the school and I am not surprised they wanted on the wall of the reception!

The Hands and bracelets could easily be a Tim Flach image and I love the hair in the swimming pool and the 'blurr' of the first day.

Karen Hook (Gulf Photo Plus)

Many thanks to Dave Bell for providing us with such a personal, professional and personable photographic experience for our wedding and reception.
While Dave spent the whole day with us, we barely knew he was there, and the result of his endeavor was a fantastic cross-section of photographs, spanning traditional to contemporary. His imagination and talent has produced an indelible memory of our day.
Thank you again and we hope that your business flourishes.

From Dean & Samantha O’Grady Dubai


Reactions to David's work