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Another success story has been with long-time resident David Bell. Bell originally lived in Sharjah for 5 years but now resides in Dubai and, although he’s spent considerable time shooting film, he’s now a digital convert. At last year’s Gulf Photo Plus he signed up for
several workshops, and became totally inspired by pro photographers Bryan Petersen (profiled in this issue), Tom Mackie and Bruce Smith. He even managed to make one of the desert workshops only two hours after his son was born!
“I discovered through my experiences in these courses that my preference was for shooting people and, as I work as teacher, I had ready access to a large number of budding models. I’d taken numerous photos of my own two children and my role at school developed with the encouragement of the staff. After seeing some photos I’d taken at a swimming gala, the headmaster asked if I’d look through the school’s photo library – most turned out no good so I offered my services with the result that they eventually ordered seventeen A2 mages! These now adorn the office walls at the school.
I plan on attending more workshops because you learn so much, and not just from the full-time pros. Many of the photographers attending Gulf Photo Plus take incredible images themselves and the atmosphere is extremely supportive …“The only difference between an amateur and a pro photographer is if they're making money
out of their images, or not ”.
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